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Gubernatis Immobilier

The agency is at 11bis Rue Gubernatis, between Boulevard Carabacel and the Coulée Verte. The Wilson district is the second oldest district in Nice, after the Old Town. 

With its ocre-coloured, bourgeois style buildings built between 1850 and 1900, this busy shopping district shelters a traditionally local population, which has become increasingly international over the past few decades.

In 2018, a new tramway will be completed, with a stop just 50m from our agency, making this region the NEW Carre d'Or (Golden Square) of Nice!

The agency is top of the range, but its piority, and main mission, is client satisfaction, helping them through the entire process, whether they are looking for a villa, an apartment, a business, or an office.


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Telephone number
04 93 44 92 36

11 Bis Rue Gubernatis,
06000, Nice

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