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Gubernatis Immobilier is proud to work with the following partners

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Imminence Website Design

Imminence creates a great impression of your agency.

Imminence is becoming a must-have for real estate agents : it presents more than just your portfolio... The team at Imminence know the importance of this 'must-have' tool, and use their experience and knowledge to best suit your needs and create an innovative website for your company.

The internet site is the first to link real estate with the online world. It is incredibly necessary to have a website that is both easy to use and unique. Each real estate agency has their own vision of their website, and it is because of this that Imminence proposes different parameters and designs for each site that they create, to target your needs, your requirements, and your vision.

Simply choose and personalise a website from their large selection of models, with the colours of your agency thanks.

Got a sharp vision in your head? The platform also allows for your own creativity and allows you to create your own design.

A website that isn't just availble on computers! Imminence is adaptable: go from your computer to your tablet with ease with a responsive system. This functionality allows you to comfortably navigate your site whatever your platform, smartphone, tablet or computer.

Your website allows you to generate a larger network of clients, therefore it is extremely important that it is correctly portrayed. With more than 12 years of experience, Imminence will create even moe than your highest expectations!


Search engine for apartments and houses


Financial support

Maisons et appartements (Houses and apartments)

Property Search Engine

MLS Cote d'Azur

The group MLS Cote d'Azur is a professional real estate association.
The main objective is to put exclusive mandates online in a multi-share platform.