Merengone and Associates will provide you with its expertise in the fields of finance and real estate, especially on the French Riviera, from Saint-Tropez to Monaco.

We can advise you on issues related to tax optimisation in the context of a real estate purchase or also for the establishment of a commercial activity in France.

A true partner in the development of your projects, Merengone and Associates offers a detailed financial analysis of your situation and then shares with you its perfect knowledge of the optimization of your wealth in financial centres such as Monaco.

Merengone and Associates has the skills to provide the best advice based on the client's nationality, whether it is for a simple account opening or the complex financing of a property. Its partnerships with many French, Swiss and Luxembourg banks guarantee a wide range of loans to offer to French or non-resident customers.

Merengone and Associates can also provide market analysis in the real estate sector or promotion. A value notice is sometimes important to get a good idea of the real selling price of a real estate or professional asset. We are, for example, often asked to acquire walls and commercial funds for hotels or restaurants in the Maritime Alps. We also facilitate the company's relationship with investors from abroad.

Discretion and responsiveness are our main credos to satisfy our customers very often demanding on these points.