The financial department of Gubernatis Immobilier, Cabinet Merengone & Associés, will provide you with its expertise in the fields of finance and real estate, particularly on the Côte d'Azur, from Saint-Tropez to Monaco.

We can advise you on issues relating to tax optimisation in the context of a property purchase or setting up a business in France.

Merengone & Associés is a trusted partner in the development of your projects, offering a detailed financial analysis of your situation and then sharing its in-depth knowledge of how to optimise your assets in financial centres such as Monaco.

Cabinet Merengone & Associés has the skills required to provide the best advice depending on the client's situation, whether for a simple account opening or the complex financing of a property. Its partnerships with a large number of French, Swiss and Luxembourg banks guarantee a wide choice of loans for French and non-resident clients alike.

Merengone & Associés can also provide you with market analyses in the property or development sector. An opinion of value is sometimes important to get a fair idea of the real selling price of a property or business asset. For example, we are often asked to assist with the acquisition of hotel or restaurant premises in the Alpes Maritimes. We also help companies in France to get in touch with investors from abroad.

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